How to Talk to the Veteran in Your Life About Hearing Loss

Veteran Hearing Loss

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that over 60,000 members of the military are on disability for hearing loss from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom alone. The VA has previously estimated that roughly 25 million veterans have experienced hearing loss in total. While 20% of the general population of United States citizens experience hearing loss, that number rises to 60% for veterans who have been in combat zones.

How to Discuss Service-Relate Hearing Loss with Veterans

When you address hearing loss with a veteran in your life, it’s important to do so in a compassionate and helpful manner. It can be a sensitive subject for some since their hearing loss is related directly to their experience in combat zones. Before the conversation, try to learn more about why veterans experience such high levels of hearing loss.

For example, a gunshot can register at up to 190 decibels, which is loud enough to cause hearing damage. Bombs and grenades can also be just as loud, and fighter jets can create up to 150 decibels of noise. Military members may experience hearing loss even if they wore proper ear protection at all times. It’s important to be compassionate and understand that their exposure to loud noises may have been completely out of their control. It may help the conversation go better if you’re up to date on what the process for treating hearing loss entails. 

What is our Hearing Evaluation Process Like?

The hearing evaluation process involves a battery of tests that will give medical professionals a full understanding of the patient’s hearing loss. Various tests are designed to measure how the person hears and interpret a wide range of sounds at different volumes. The medical professionals will also take a thorough patient history and conduct a visual examination of the ear canal and eardrum.

The best hearing evaluation services near Laredo will meet all ANSI standards and be conducted by a licensed audiologist. Most hearing loss cannot be reversed with either medicine or surgery, but the symptoms can be addressed to enable a more enjoyable life. Identifying the right hearing aids for your veteran can restore their level of hearing. Some people may not be immediately open to the idea of hearing aids, but they may be pleasantly surprised by how good the modern options are.

Hearing Aids & Hearing Loss Options

A licensed professional will review the hearing evaluation and all options with the patient. The professional will ask about lifestyle needs and more to determine exactly what kind of hearing aids would be the best fit for this specific person. If the patient wishes to proceed, the hearing aids will be fitted to ensure maximum comfort and effect. 

It’s even possible to get discreet hearing aids for people who don’t like the appearance of older hearing aids.

Service-Related Hearing Loss Services in Laredo, TX

We at Oliveira Audiology and Hearing Center are experienced working with people with all types of hearing loss. If the veteran in your life has developed hearing problems as a result of loud noises in combat zones, we’ll work with you to restore function and capability. We rely on highly-trained audiologists and the best products available to offer the best hearing services in Laredo, Texas and the surrounding areas.

We can handle all of your needs from diagnostics to rehabilitative services and more. As a family-owned practice, we stake our reputation on your satisfaction and always put the patient first. Contact us today to get started with a consultation or call us with any questions at (956) 269-9907.

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