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Custom hearing protection, or custom-molded earplugs, are designed in a wide range of sizes and types, fulfilling various purposes depending on the wearer’s needs. Some ear molds are crafted using a soft, spongy material, while others are more firm and solid. Typically, you’ll choose between either a full shell or half shell earmold according to the level of noise exposure you regularly encounter.

A licensed audiologist at Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center in Laredo, TX will suggest a specific type to fit your individual needs.



What Are Custom Molded Earmolds Used For?

While there are many different types of custom hearing protection, all options share one common purpose: to provide excellent hearing protection. One of the leading causes of hearing loss is prolonged exposure to noise, a condition that is often detected too late for reversal. However, taking a proactive approach to protecting your hearing with specialty earmolds can make a significant difference in preserving the quality long-term.

If you’re regularly in a high-noise environment, whether for professional or personal reasons, custom hearing protection is important. While store-bought earplugs offer a minimal level of protection, custom ear molds are preferred by professionals. Custom-crafted for a secure, comfortable fit, custom earmolds are the ultimate in protecting your hearing from loud noises.

Hearing protection is important for anyone who regularly finds themselves in a noisy environment, both professionally and recreationally. Examples of people who should use custom earmolds include security and police officers, swimmers, motorcyclists, airline pilots, musicians, target shooters, and construction or factory workers. You may be surprised to learn that even everyday noises put you at risk for long-term hearing loss, such as:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Chain saws
  • Truck engines
  • Motorcycles
  • Garbage trucks
  • Pneumatic drills
  • Gunshots
  • Jet engines
  • Concerts

Types Of Custom Mold Earplugs

Your audiologist will recommend a specific style of specialty earmold according to your individual needs and application. Custom hearing protection can be used in conjunction with medical listening devices, motorcycle headsets, racecar headsets, pilot headsets, and other recreational and professional equipment. While the ultimate goal is noise conservation, different styles and shapes can be created to suit specific situations.

Some specialty earmolds, such as custom musician plugs, include a filtered attenuator, which protects your hearing while still allowing easy verbal communication. Styles such as these are offered in both electronic and non-electronic models, giving you the option to choose one that works for your lifestyle. Custom hearing protection can also be designed to fit easily over earbud-style headphones, or for a comfortable fit under pilot boom-mic headsets.

Hearing Loss FAQ

Custom Fit Hearing Protection in Laredo, TX

Store-bought earmolds can be useful in certain situations, but they only offer a minimal level of protection. In most mid- or high-noise environments, only custom molded earplugs and earmolds will adequately guard against future hearing loss and damage. In addition to providing excellent hearing protection, specialty earmolds are specifically designed to fit the unique contours and shape of your ear. As a result, you’ll enjoy a comfortable, secure fit that makes regular use convenient.

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