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Unitron Hearing Aids is a hearing aid manufacturer based in Canada but with worldwide operations. They’ve been in business since 1964, and their work since then has established this brand as a true leader in the hearing care space. They continue to work on their legacy every day by producing superior products and taking excellent care of their customers.

Unitron hearing aids are designed to offer a high-quality performance that helps people feel good about their entire experience. Consult with our top audiologists and certified providers to see if you are a good candidate for Unitron Hearing Aid solutions by contacting our office today at (956) 727-3801.

Unitron FLEX Experience

Unitron’s FLEX experience is what they call their attempt to revolutionize the entire experience of hearing care. They want their solutions to feel flexible and easy– people who use Unitron hearing aids should feel empowered by personalized care and a uniquely helpful customer experience. Here at Oliveira Audiology and Hearing Center, the Unitron FLEX program works to give patients a customized, smart experience of hearing care.

The FLEX program includes a trial so people can try new Unitron hearing aid technology in real-life situations. The patient will be able to experiment with different settings in the places where they spend the most time, logging their experience as they go. Smartphone apps even allow the patient to share feedback continuously. From there, the patient can upgrade the technology within their Unitron hearing aids to optimize the solution.

Unitron Values

Unitron submits that its mission can best be summed up through three core values:

1. Flexible – Patients experience changing needs as they progress through their personal hearing care journeys. Unitron hearing aids are adapting and evolving all the time to make that journey better.

2. Empowering – Unitron hearing devices are designed to make patients feel more confident in their hearing care. The brand takes a high degree of responsibility for finding appropriate solutions for every patient.

3. Easy – Instead of sitting back and enjoying all the success they’ve achieved in the past, this company is committed to improving Unitron hearing aids to make them even better. That means seamless integration with each patient’s life experiences.

More About Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron hearing aids have won five Red Dot Awards in three different years, including one for being ‘Best of the Best.’ The Red Dot Design Award is an international prize that recognizes excellent product design and communication design. Unitron develops this award-winning hearing aids in a development center in Kitchener, Ontario, where some of the world’s leading experts work together on new technological innovations. Those experts include a collection of over 100 audiology professionals, mechanical engineers, electroacoustic engineers, algorithmic engineers, and software engineers.

Unitron’s work extends to 28 total locations around the world, and they also partner with other third-party organizations to further maximize their reach. Overall, people in over 70 countries have access to Unitron hearing aids. These devices are state of the art, as are all the accessories that accompany them.

Find Unitron Hearing Aids in Laredo, Texas

At Oliveira Audiology and Hearing Center, we want our patients to have access to the best hearing devices available, and that includes Unitron hearing aids. With over 25 years of combined experience, our licensed professionals have the skills and knowledge to help each patient find the right devices for their needs.

We conduct comprehensive hearing evaluations to make recommendations about which hearing aids and treatment options will have the best result. Contact us today at (956) 727-3801 to start the process, and we can decide together if Unitron hearing aids are the perfect fit.


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