Noise Conservation Solutions in Laredo, TX

Loud noises in the workplace and elsewhere can cause hearing damage in a matter of minutes. If you’re often exposed to sounds over a certain volume, investing in custom hearing protection can make a difference in your life and prevent hearing loss over time. Noise conservation can help protect your ears and keep your hearing intact for years, even while you work or do your hobbies as normal.

The Importance of Having Hearing Protection 

Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States, coming in third after high blood pressure and arthritis. Potential noise-induced hearing loss becomes a concern with noises over 80 decibels. According to the Center for Disease Control, lawnmowers and leaf blowers are at the lowest sound level where damage to hearing is possible after exposure that lasts two hours. Motorcycles, at 95 decibels, can cause damage after 50 minutes of exposure.

Louder noises have more dramatic potential. Listening to headphones at maximum volume or attending concerts without ear protection can cause hearing loss within five minutes. These noises can damage the hair cells inside your ear that make hearing possible. Ear protection like noise earplugs reduces the amount of sound that enters your ear, protecting the hair and nerves inside your ear.

Ear Molds for Noise Conservation

Earmolds are designed to fit into the ear. They come in a variety of materials and colors, and a few different styles. Full-shell earmolds are larger and cover more of the ear, thus protecting hearing more thoroughly. This style is recommended for those with exposure to high levels of noise for better protection. The half-shell style is smaller and is recommended for those who will be exposed to less noise since it offers less hearing protection.

Getting Custom Ear Molds in Laredo, TX 

For those who have a job or hobby that involves high noise levels, custom earmolds are a must. They improve comfort while keeping ears protected from damaging levels of noise. A custom-fit allows for long periods of wear without feeling uncomfortable. Prevent hearing loss with earmolds and other noise conservation products.

Options include:

  • Custom noise plugs
  • Custom musician plugs
  • Custom MP3 player plugs

Noise plugs come with different filters that allow you to hear speech while filtering out damaging sounds. Filter options are 9, 15 or 25 db, with 25 db offering the fullest coverage. Musician plugs aim to help you hear noises clearly while filtering them down to a non-damaging level. MP3 Player plugs allow for high-quality music that won’t damage your hearing in the process.

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