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Hunting Ear Protection in Laredo, TX

When you head out on a hunting trip, you’re likely to go over your packing list multiple times to ensure you’ve got everything you need. As you do so, don’t forget ear protection for shooting in Laredo, TX. While you may have avoided wearing ear protection in the past, noise protection plugs have changed, and you can now get the protection your ears need without compromising the ability to hear those small sounds required to have a good hunt.


Hearing Loss FAQ


How Do Hunter Earmolds Work?

At Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center, we realize there are some essential things you need to hear when hunting. Those small twigs snapping, your partner quietly speaking, and those rustling leaves can have a significant impact on your success. As soon as the gun goes off, however, it can leave your ears ringing. A typical plug won’t block out those damaging decibels or let the low decibels in. They’ll just muffle all sounds, and generally, block out the low decibels.

Customized hunter earmolds are different. Filtered ear protection will protect the wearer from damaging loud sounds, while still allowing for some speech understanding. Electronic ear protection protects the user by compressing loud sounds, so they are not damaging. When someone else shoots, a tiny valve opening will close, offering greater protection even when you’re not the one with the hit. This allows you the greatest success and the most significant ear protection for shooting.


Are Custom Earmolds Comfortable?

Perhaps the best way to find comfort while hunting with hearing protection is to customize the molds. Your ears have a distinctive shape unique to you. With a tight fight that slides smoothly into the ear, you never have to worry about gaps that will allow sound in, and the perfect fit is the most comfortable design.

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