Office Policies 

No-Show Policy

A missed appointment leaves an empty slot that could have been used by a patient in need of medical care. Not canceling an appointment in a timely fashion is unfair to other patients. We, therefore, request that patients who are unable to keep their scheduled appointments notify us at least 24 hours in advance, so the time might be made available to someone else.

A missed appointment, or “no-show,” occurs when a patient fails to give notice that the appointment cannot be kept.

When new patients fail to keep an appointment, the referring physician will be notified. The appointment will be rescheduled once upon request, but after a second no-show, the appointment will only be rescheduled at the request of the referring physician.

Fees & Insurance

Payment for office services, including any co-payment, is due at the time of the office visit. Please remember that the responsibility for the payment of medical bills rests with you, the patient. Medical insurance is a method for reimbursing the patient for medical expenses. As such, the agreement for insurance payment is between the patient and his insurance company. Insurance companies are under no obligation to send payment to the Audiologist.

In most cases, the office will gladly file with your insurance company. Whether your insurance company pays all, only a portion or nothing on your bill is a matter between you and your insurance company. We cannot influence an insurance company’s policies regarding the extent or amount of payment. You are responsible for any portion of the bill not covered by insurance. In the event of financial hardship, contact our office manager to make specific arrangements for payment.

Masks encouraged for patients.