Oticon Hearing Aids in Laredo, Texas

Oticon is one of the world’s premier hearing device manufacturers, and we’re proud to carry their products at Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center near Laredo and surrounding areas in Texas.

After being in the business for over 100 years, this company has made a name for itself by leading the charge toward technological innovations that make life better for people with hearing loss. Consult a certified provider to determine if Oticon Hearing Aids is a good fit and solution for you by contacting our office at (956) 727-3801.

About Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Hearing Aids makes their People First process to express a simple fact about their company: people with hearing loss are their primary focus. Their hearing aids are thoughtfully designed and carefully produced to ensure that they have the best possible impact on the people who end up wearing them. Oticon understands that hearing is a big part of your life, and this brand is responsible for products that help you get the most you can from it.

Oticon states that hearing loss shouldn’t mean anyone has to settle for less. They provide solutions that support health and well-being while keeping people connected to the world around them. The brand is always getting insight from real hearing aid users to improve their products and shape the entire audiology and hearing landscape.

A commitment to user tests, interviews, and additional research help Oticon get a better understanding of current needs in this space, which allows them to fill those needs with superior products. Their innovations are the result of a large team of scientists, hearing aid users (and their relatives), and anthropologists all working together with a single goal. Their solutions are designed with every type of person in mind, regardless of lifestyle or age.

Giving Back: Oticon Hearing Foundation

Hearing aids aren’t this company’s only contribution to the community. They also started a non-profit organization called Oticon Hearing Foundation to provide benefits for underserved people all over the world. This humanitarian effort began in 2010 and helps connect hearing care professionals with people in need of hearing health care. The foundation makes hearing care possible for people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to a high level of care.

Hearing care professionals and partnering non-profit organizations help the Oticon Hearing Foundation offer sustainable, accessible hearing care to children and adults alike. Disaster victims and underserved hearing-impaired people in the United States and abroad get access to Oticon hearing aids plus additional necessary care.

Oticon Focus on People Awards

Oticon also started an award program to recognize students, adults, and advocates with hearing loss. In addition to those groups, hearing care professionals who have made significant accomplishments for the community can be recognized. People can be nominated for having a positive impact on those with hearing impairment in any of the following ways:

· Making progress within communities, local governments, families, school systems, or national organizations

· Creating better opportunities for people with hearing impairment

· Reducing the stigma around hearing impairment by challenging misconceptions

Hearing Aids in Laredo

Here at Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center, we give our patients access to the finest hearing devices in the world, including Oticon hearing aids. Our licensed professionals will rely on more than 25 years of combined experience to ensure that you or your loved one gets the very best solution for the specific situation. Come meet our licensed audiologists, Celina T. Oliveira Au.D., CCC-A, Doctor Of Audiology & Raymundo Charles Au.D., Doctor Of Audiology to ensure the best possible outcome.

We evaluate hearing needs in a personal and professional manner, then recommend devices and treatment to best serve the patient. Contact our audiologists in Laredo, Texas today at (956) 727-3801. We can work together to determine if Oticon hearing aids are the best solution.



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