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Do you want to overcome issues related to hearing, such as loss of hearing? If so, you can choose Phonak’s hearing aids designed to uplift the quality of your living. The advanced technology used in Phonak hearing aids allows you to hear natural sounds. If you’re confused about which type of aid is suitable for your needs, we can help. Oliveira Audiology and Hearing Center in Laredo, TX, offers expert help to all the people. Our ultimate goal is to provide hearing aids and affordable services for everyone. 

Types of Phonak Hearing Aids in Laredo, TX

Before choosing any Phonak hearing aid, it’s vital to understand the types. Here is the complete list of hearing aids that are available. 

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

As the name indicates, the behind-the-ear hearing aids contain a case behind your outer ear. A small tube attaches the durable case to the earmold or dome. The sound signal transmission takes place with the help of electrical signals. This type of hearing aid is suitable for those who wish to choose a powerful hearing aid. Check out the two most powerful BTE hearing aids. 

Phonak Naída™️ Paradise

It is one of the most powerful Phonak hearing aid models. It offers connectivity with TV, smartphones, and other smart apps and showcases feature like speech enhancement, tap control, motion sensor, and more to make it effective. 

Phonak Bolero™️ Marvel

This model is suited to your needs if your diagnosis is mild hearing loss to severe hearing loss. It offers maximum reliability and clear sound to the user. The best part about Phonak Bolero™️ Marvel is that it is rechargeable. 

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC)

RIC hearing aids rest behind your ear with a speaker present inside the earmold or dome. The connection between the speaker and the case takes place with the help of a wire. The device is light in weight, small, and discreet compared to other types. 

Phonak Audéo™️ Paradise 

Are you looking to pick a hearing aid from Phonak with unrivaled hearing experience? Look no further than Phonak Audéo™️ Paradise. The best features are brilliant speech understanding, tap control, and noise cancellation. You can connect the device to smartphones and TV too. 

In-the-ear (ITE)

In-the-ear hearing aids rest entirely inside your ear. Users can purchase different styles of hearing aids available in ITE style. For instance, if you wish to purchase a significant ITE aid, you can choose Full Shell ITE. Otherwise, you can select the small Completely-In-Canal hearing aid. Apart from these sub-styles, buyers can use Invisible-In-Canal ITE. 

Phonak Virto™️ Paradise

Phonak Virto™️ Paradise is a customizable hearing aid of Phonak, giving you the option of customizing it to your needs, lifestyle, and hearing preferences. The enhanced features and capabilities of the aid make it extra beneficial for your busy life. The 15 times more robust shell makes it durable in the long run. Plus, the device ensures that users get a seamless hearing experience. 

Phonak Lyric™️

The most advanced and preferred Phonak’s hearing aid is Phonak Lyric™️. The best part about the Phonak Lyric™️ is that you can wear it 24/7. Phonak Lyric’s invisible nature ensures that you can enjoy your life without revealing your aid. Regardless of whether you’re showering, exercising, or playing, Lyric stays with you. 

Phonak Hearing Aids & Products In Laredo, TX

Phonak’s hearing aids are an excellent way to improve your hearing power. From mild to moderate to severe hearing loss, Phonak has got everything covered for you. Choosing the right hearing aid is an important step, and we can help. Oliveira Audiology and Hearing Center in Laredo, TX, offers quality hearing care. Please book an appointment with our hearing specialist today to discuss your case. 


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