Digital Hearing Aids: What’s the Big Deal?


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When someone is dealing with hearing loss, he or she may look into hearing aids. If you have found yourself in this situation, you might be wondering if digital hearing aids are the way to go. Analog hearing aids are typically less expensive and easier to set up, so why are so many people turning to digital hearing aids? Just like many devices and gadgets in the world at this time, digital carries so many other benefits for the user that it quickly becomes clear it’s the right choice.

Noise Reduction

Digital hearing aids are amazing at reducing unnecessary noise. This is a huge benefit for individuals who have hearing loss and often find themselves in loud, busy environments. A party, a restaurant, a night club, a church, and other similar settings have a lot of background noise. If someone with hearing loss is trying to have a conversation with another individual at a noisy venue, using an analog hearing aid will pull in all that background noise. The individual is then left to decipher between all the background noise and the person he or she is speaking with.

With digital, that background noise is reduced. With directional microphones, the noise gets automatically adjusted.

The sound coming from right in front of you, which is typically going to be the person you’re engaged in conversation with, is the noise that the hearing aid will pick up and amplify. Everything else gets toned down, allowing you to focus on your conversation.

Feedback Reduction

Hearing aids are notorious for feedback, which is the squealing, whistling noise the user can hear. This happens because of the tiny size of the aids, which makes the receiver and microphone sit quite close together. Digital devices have a more advanced system that interferes with the communication between microphone and receiver, filtering out the feedback and other similar sounds, such as wind and static. This gives the user a better experience with clearer sound and less annoyance.

Discreet Size and Design

Not everyone is self-conscious about hearing loss, and even if you’re not, you might still prefer a more discreet size and design just to keep them out of your way. Digital aids are made to sit inside or directly behind the ear. They are quite small, so hardly anyone will realize you’re wearing them. They contain a very powerful computer chip, and because of its power, the device itself can be small and still do a great job of helping you hear.

Unique Listening Experience

With analog devices, you can hear the sound, but there’s no depth or variation to it. To hear better, the user can turn up the volume. If it’s too loud, it can be turned down. The layers of sound and other nuances that other people can naturally hear are lost. Digital brings that depth and those nuances back. Users are given a unique listening experience and have more options than just turning the volume up or down.

Using a smartphone or other device, the individual wearing the digital device can adjust different settings that personalize the listening experience. The hearing aids can be adjusted for specific circumstances, such as at a quiet library, and can be quickly changed for a very different setting, such as a loud restaurant. This not only helps the individual hear things better, but it is also a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Directional Hearing

One unique feature of digital hearing aids is they offer full directional sound. Many individuals who wear aids are only able to hear what is in front of them. Digital allows those same individuals to hear someone coming from the side, or to hear a car coming up from behind them. In meetings or while out with friends, the user doesn’t have to turn his or her head toward the people talking. Instead, he or she can sit back, relax, contribute to the conversation, and enjoy the moment.

Directional hearing also makes doing everyday tasks and activities safer and more enjoyable. For example, if the individual enjoys bike riding and can now hear cars or other bikers coming up from behind, he or she can move over as appropriate.

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As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of digital hearing aids. Whether this is the first time you’ve considered a hearing device, are looking to upgrade or need a new device because yours are beginning to malfunction, it might be time to consider something new. You’ve gone digital with your television, your phone, your sound system, and your GPS, so why not go digital with your hearing device?

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