5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hearing Aids in Hot Weather


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Your hearing aids are a wonderful way to stay connected with your family and friends this summer. However, summer is also the time when your hearing aids are exposed to the most moisture and humidity. Keep your hearing aids protected and enjoy quality hearing aid care by following these five helpful maintenance hearing aid tips.

1. Dry Hearing Aids Overnight

After a fun-filled day at the beach, at the mall or around your home, dry your hearing aids overnight to ensure moisture doesn’t build up. This technique is helpful for any time of year but is especially useful for summertime moisture.

Not only is there typically more moisture in the air during the summer, but exposure to water from the lake, pool or sweat can cause permanent damage or encourage bacteria growth on your hearing aids. Prevent damage and costly repairs by storing your hearing aids in a container specifically designed for overnight hearing aid storage to receive a thorough drying each night. This will allow you to start fresh every day and avoid moisture staying on your hearing aids.

2. Keep Your Instruments Secure With Clips

Your behind-the-ear hearing aids, in particular, are susceptible to damage from sweat, sand, and dirt. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach, going for a daily run or strolling through your yard, additional sweat can damage your hearing aids or distort your hearing from excess moisture. Look for water-resistant clips that are designed to keep your hearing aids dry and comfortable. Ask your Audiologist about these!

3. Stay Away From High Temperatures

Sweat isn’t the only concern that comes with high temperatures; the potential impact on hearing aids also arises. Extreme temperatures, particularly from direct sunlight, can damage your hearing aid. Depending on the style of hearing aid you use, your instrument may not be designed to be exposed directly to sunlight. Even as you dry your hearing aids, be sure to keep them in a safe, cool place.

Even while you wear your hearing aids, it’s important to keep them protected from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Consider wearing a hat, particularly if you have behind-the-ear hearing aids. This will not only protect your instruments from high temperatures but will also protect them from excess moisture from sweat, rain or splashes from a pool.

4. Avoid Bacteria Growth

Bacteria can grow in any moist environment. Even antimicrobial hearing aids are only resistant to bacteria growth, but not completely immune to this issue. Not only can this create an unsanitary surface, but bacteria can also damage your hearing aids or create difficulties in hearing correctly. Don’t miss out on important moments this summer with your family and friends.

You may be considering using alcohol wipes, soap, or other cleaning agents to disinfect your hearing aids. While this may seem like a natural response, the moisture of your cleaning solution can damage your hearing aids. Avoid using cleaning solutions when you suspect bacteria growth. Instead, turn to a licensed Audiologist for professional hearing aid cleaning.

5. Disinfect Your Hearing Aids With Professional Cleaning Services

It’s easy for your hearing aids to harbor bacteria growth. If you suspect your hearing aids may need cleaning, particularly during the summer, don’t hesitate to schedule a hearing aid diagnostic and cleaning service. This comprehensive service, performed by an experienced audiologist team member, can not only prevent bacteria from damaging your hearing aids but can also give them the tune-up you need to catch all the exciting news and memorable conversations this summer.

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